About me

I’m Michal and I am a psychologist. I finished my PhD at the Institute of Psychology, University of Wroclaw. Currently, I work as a post-doc at the Being Human Scientific Excellence Incubator, operating at UWr and focused on bridging the gap between social sciences and humanities. I also collaborate with the University of Oxford, School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography. My current research interests revolve around the psychology of cooperation and conflict.

A significant portion of my research is centered on moral judgments related to food wasting behaviour and whether they are connected to how people treat food. Some of my research is conducted among members of non-industrialized populations: the Hadza hunter-gatherers, the Maasai (Northern Tanzania), and the Yali (New Guinea). I am a strong advocate for Open Science and Big Team Science.

In addition to my academic work, I serve as a scientific consultant for non-governmental organizations, including humanitarian ones. I assist in research design, analysis, and result interpretation. Additionally, I support organizations in designing behavioral interventions aimed at behavior change. I find great joy in popularizing science and strive to do so frequently—whether through writing texts, giving lectures, conducting workshops, or appearing in the media.

In my free time, I lift weights, roll on the mat, and experiment in the kitchen. When I’m traveling, I make a point to visit a local museum of natural history and take a picture with a dead dinosaur. I’m one of the few people who genuinely believe that pineapple pizza is the crème de la crème of human culinary achievements.

My e-mail address: michal.misiak(<<at>>)uwr.edu.pl